Monday, May 28, 2007

Go Green

As the flickering flame of the Paschal candle was extinguished at the end of the Pentecost mass, a certain sadness enveloped me. Knowing that the joyful season of Easter had come to a close, I spent a few moments reflecting on the blessings of the season, while the smoke from the extinguished wick drifted towards Heaven....

In a culture saturated with Hallmark holidays, we Catholics are greatly blessed by having liturgical seasons, which bring us closer to God. As we transition into "ordinary times", the Magisterium gives the Church more optional and obligatory memorials to honor those saints who have gone before us, perfected in Christ Jesus.

Because of my melancholy state, knowing that the Easter season was over, I looked at the liturgical calender of June to see what was ahead. I quickly realized that June is filled with memorials for saints that have occupied these same Catholic trenches. Starting with the great apologist, Saint Justin on June 1st, and ending on June 30th with the first Holy Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church, June has many reasons to celebrate.

More names and dates to remember this June:
SS Marcellinus and Peter, martyrs, on June 2
Saint Boniface, martyr, June 5
Saint Ephrem, doctor, (deacon!) June 9
Saint Barnabas, Apostle and martyr, June 11
Saint Anthony, doctor, June 13
SS John Fisher and Thomas More (one of my patrons), martyrs, June 22
Saint Cyril of Alexandria, doctor, June 27
Saint Irenaeus, martyr, June 28
SS Peter and Paul, Apostles, June 29

Enjoy the month of June and its not so "ordinary times".
May these saints pray for us.

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Serviam! said...

How true! Only in the Catholic Church can so much power and insipration be so "Ordinary".

To add to the already impressive list:

June 15th - Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

June 26 - St. Josemaria Escriva