Friday, May 18, 2007

Motu proprio - It's coming.

It seems that Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos has confirmed that the Holy Father plans on releasing a document that "encourages greater use of the traditional Latin liturgy".

My first thoughts are pure joy! I think the Novus Ordum liturgy cab be a wonderful and beautiful thing. But there's just something about the Tridentine Mass that makes it just seem, ah, ...., just more Holy I guess. I know this is not true on any level deeper than my own personal subjectiveness, so don't beat me up over it.

But I am also a little worried. Even now it seems that many parishes have different "flavors" of Masses. The "quick" Saturday evening Mass, the "traditional" early Sunday morning Mass, and the later "contemporary" Sunday Mass. I just have this feeling that it will be used by some to justify, well ... , let's say less than orthodox forms of liturgy.

(Not a laughing matter - get it?)

I'm not trying to start anything or get anyone worked up here, but for the sake of unity I do feel the issue needs to be looked at and considered carefully so whatever the Holy Father decides, it can be implemented in a responsible, respectful and controlled manner.

What are your thoughts on the imminent Muto proprio?


WWJP2D? said...

I honestly couldn't stand to watch the whole thing. But, I did hear references to "San Francisco" and "lovers and partners" in the kid's "homily," so I think I get the picture.

JPII (Santo Sabita!) was only one man, after all. He got us started back on the right track. It's up to the rest of us to fight this absurdity.

Deogratias said...

I also look forward to the motu proprio being issued by B16, but I don't believe it will change much. Most of the younger priests that are orthodox have little knowledge of the rite, much less the usage of Latin. My hope is that the faithful can be exposed to the beauty and mystery of the Tridentine Mass, thus developing a hunger for good liturgy. Perhaps then the abuses of the Novus Ordo will end, because the lay faithful will no longer allow it, knowing the difference between good liturgy and bad.

Anonymous said...

Well, it appears Joan of Arc has a YouTube account... :)