Friday, May 18, 2007

Our Blessed Mother - A Member of Mensa?

Being that it's the month of May, in honor or the Blessed Mother I've been making my way through a pretty good book, Mary of Nazareth.

I ran across a point that the author makes that while makes sense, I guess I've never really thought about.

We know that the effects of the fall was original sin, or the loss of the preternatural gifts:

Although it is proper to each individual, original sin does not have the character of a personal fault in any of Adam's descendants. It is a deprivation of original holiness and justice, but human nature has not been totally corrupted: it is wounded in the natural powers proper to it, subject to ignorance, suffering and the dominion of death, and inclined to sin - an inclination to evil that is called concupiscence". Baptism, by imparting the life of Christ's grace, erases original sin and turns a man back towards God, but the consequences for nature, weakened and inclined to evil, persist in man and summon him to spiritual battle. (CCC 405)

So through the fall, man's will was weakened, intellect was darkened, and freedom from death and sickness was revoked. But Mary, not being born without any stain of original sin, did not suffer from these deficiencies.

I've always taken for granted that Mary's will was in-line with God's, but what about her intellect? The author puts forth that being that she had no original sin, not only was her will not weakened and her death not necessary, but also her intellect was not darkened.

So, how smart was Mary?

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Anonymous said...

Didn't Mary ask Gabriel how she could be with child, when she hadn't known man? Surely she wouldn't have to ask, if her intellect was up there with the Big G? Or perhaps we're equating "intellect" with knowledge or supernatural vision, versus just an enlightened and open view and acceptance of God's Divine Will... certainly the latter definition of "intellect" would fit with Man's behavior toward God thru the ages.

(There must be a typo within your citation from the book-- last line indicates that Mary was born with the stain of sin...)