Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Religious Tolerance and the Common Good"

Wow. Everyone needs to head over to First Things and read the article by Archbishop Charles Chaput (Archbishop of Denver) titled, "Religious Tolerance and the Common Good".

"But the problem is that much of American culture right now is built on an adolescent fiction. The fiction is that life is all about you as an individual—your ideas, your appetites, and your needs. Believe me: It isn’t. The main interest big companies have in your wants and mine is how to turn them into a profit. Part of being an adult is the ability to separate marketing from reality; hype from fact. The fact is, the world is a big and complicated place. It doesn’t care about your appetites. It has too many of its own needs, and it won’t leave you alone."

Beautifully put your Excellency, simply beautiful.

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