Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Catholic Mass

In response to Praise Him, I felt compelled to talk a bit about the Mass. As Catholics our greatest gift is that we do not need to rely on a Preacher or Homilist. We can have a horrible homily and the Mass does not change one bit. The summit and focus of every Mass is the reenactment of the Last Supper. Christ did not say, "preach this in remembrance of me". He said, "Do this in remembrance of me".
I love our Protestant brothers but the bottom line is that without a good preacher the church will not be successful. Even with a good preacher attendance ebbs and flows and the church must constantly try to come up with new ideas and concepts. This alone should illustrate the fact that humans are unable to spread the Gospel with their own words and deeds. Christ instituted the Last Supper for our spiritual food and strength. Without the Eucharist, we all sure to falter.
I can relate that at times Mass does seem distant. I find my own mind wandering and not always concentrating on the consecration. Despite this, I have willed myself to focus on the sacrament and ask for the graces. Believe me, the graces come through this miraculous sacrament.
If "Praise Him" is serious and looking to find deeper meaning in the Eucharist we can all recommend some good resources. I hope this blog remains a honest and true testament to our faith in Christ.
Finally, you see the numbers from Servium that many Catholics have become lax in their beliefs. On the other hand, one merely needs to visit St. Michael to see the bright future of our church. Throughout the 2000 years of existence, we have witnessed highs and lows. This will never change because we are human. The one constant that has never changed is the Eucharist. From the apostles to the adorers adoring Christ right this minute, the Eucharist is the summit and it will remain that way until Christ comes again. We don't get rid of stop signs because some people ignore them. We will never replace the consecration with preaching. We all have some work to do to spread the wonders of the Eucharist. As the great Leonidas once said before the millions of bloodthirsty and pagan Persians, "This is where we stand, This is where we fight", we must now also make a stand and make known the miracle of the Eucharist!

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Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Nice. Fr. Rudolph said this same thing to our RCIA candidates last year and I sat there with a straight face, but inside I was a jumping-up-and-down-Jesus-freak-screamin' "CAN I GET AN AAAAAMEN!". Heehee. Maybe I should be more modest in my belief about this, and maybe a bit more humble (I'm right I'm right I'm right, Fr. R SAID so!) but it's nice when a good, humble man states plainly and matter-of-factly what I've known and defended so vehemently for years.