Sunday, June 17, 2007

Just a head scratcher

The Ghost is awful easy to confuse, like just yesterday he read a front page story in the paper where this guy's saying kids don't need religion to be good. The Ghost don't want to debate that, but you most likely know where he stands on that topic.

The real confusing part was that the guy who is saying this is "Dale McGowan, a writer and former professor at the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul." The Ghost looked up the college on the internet, and on the home page it says: "Vision: to be the world's pre-eminent Catholic college educating women to lead and influence" Hmm. "Pre-eminent" makes it sounds like maybe they should be in Rome, not Saint Paul.

The home page also has "St. Kate's" in rainbow letters down at the bottom. It was a nice touch but The Ghost still didn't feel real good about the whole thing.

The Ghost don't mind a college that wants to be "pre-eminent" but he's got to ask why a "pre-eminent Catholic" college would teach students this sort of antiCatholic junk? He knows that this isn't the first time the question has came up in the world of high education, and it's not the worst example either.

Maybe The Ghost just wants his readers to get the message that you can't be too careful out there, especially when you're about to send your daughters off to be educated on being "pre-eminent" Catholic leaders and influencers. The Ghost has had enough of that kind of leadership.


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Whoa, super scary stuff. In RCIA, a "St.Kate's" student was angry that the homily one night wasn't about the Gospel specifically. "I come to church to be FED for the week" (presumably by Fr.'s words in his homily). I don't know what they're teaching over there, but unless they straighten up a bit, I WOULD NEVER send my children to that school!

swissmiss said...

My mom graduated from St. Kate's in the 50s and forbid me from going there. Sad day when you can't send your daughters to a "Catholic" college.