Saturday, June 2, 2007

God & Gender Part 2: Yes, "He"!

But, you may say, God was here forever, and all Creation came from God, so is God not also "Mother" and thus "She" as well? No! This logic is to once again limit God to our human example and to make indistinguishable that which must be distinguished: the nature of the "Father" is not the same as human male gender, we we discussed in Part 1. To take this point indelicately further, I do not believe God the Father has a penis, in that He doesn't need that or any other physical human body part, male or female, to be Who He is. Creation, of course, did not happen through any sort of human-like conception, but rather through the exercise of God's Divine Will. His fatherly nature prevails without the unnecessary constraint of human maleness. The fatherly traits are inherent to Him, and He doesn't need feminine traits to have created women and given them their natures.

Now let's consider the Son and the value of His example to the premise. Jesus Christ is a different Person than the Father, and Who clearly in His human form was a male. It would be silly to call Jesus Christ "the Daughter of God," wouldn't it? Yet there are those who would follow this path for God the Father, with the equally illegitimate moniker "Mother" or the pronoun "She." It seems that for we weak minded humans to get it right and not somehow confuse "Son" with a girl, we should be effectively hit over the head with a solid male body to realize the nature of Jesus: that He was of the Son of God.

So, getting Jesus' gender right was relatively easy because we had His physical body, and it may take a little more effort on our part to settle on God the Father as a true "father" and with the associated "He," but nonetheless let's not be fooled or cowed into allowing our Father to be artificially (and wrongly) feminized.

In Part 3, I will discuss that, having rejected the feminizing of the Father, and with the clear example of Jesus as the Son, we human men should similarly reject the various attempts to diminish our own masculinity, and some of the grave dangers inherent in doing so.


Cindy S. said...


If it's sooooo bad to call God "Mother" then how do you explain this?

God is Mother

If it's good enough for the Vatican, it works for me!

Joshua 24:15 said...

Cindy, thanks for your post and reference. I would propose that the Person of God the Father has those "Fatherly" qualities that I've mentioned. The Triune God is indeed everything, and all Creation comes from God. I apologize for not making that distintion clearly enough in the beginning of Part 2. I still believe God the Mother (interchangeable with Father) is a modern day liberal invention to be avoided. See Part 3 for the inherent dangers to men and women, of the trickle down feminization of God, then men.