Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Men’s Groups

Well, this month closes out the Men’s groups at our Parish for the summer. It was a good year, a few new faces appeared and a few old ones vanished. We will start meeting again in September, but I think a few questions really need to be honestly discussed:

1. What is a Men’s Group? What should one consist of? Bible study, theology, personal struggles, fun “manly” activities, none of these, all of these?
2. Ultimately what is their desired outcome (in non-abstract language please)?
3. How should the groups be put together? By age, life situation, meeting time convenience, focus of the group, randomly, or something else?
4. How often should they meet?
5. Everyone talks about the groups going “deep”, but what does that mean?
6. Should the groups be shuffled (how often?) or should they be kept static?
7. How do we attract new men? How do we keep old ones?
8. Should the groups be allowed to decide for themselves what direction to go (what book to be reading for instance), or should all groups be moving informally in the same direction?
9. Should the different groups meet as a whole, and if so how often? With Father?

I’m not sure the zeal that once surrounded the men’s groups is there right now. It may be the time of year, it may be changing situation for the guys, or it may just be a natural lull in the cyclical nature of some Men’s Group dynamic (not even sure what I just said there).

I would also love to see anyone out there who is involved in a Men’s or even Women’s group other than one from the St. Michael parish share any ideas (in the combox) of what has worked or is working for them.

But this time off will give us all a chance to think the questions above over and see if there are any areas that could be looked at and possibly changed.

Have a great Summer fellas!

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Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I think the "men's group" concept is a wonderful one. I wish my hubs would be interested in it but it's just not his "thing". I know you said you wanted opinion from outside the St. Michael Church, but I have one, teeny suggestion. Make sure you are in a group that can keep discussion hushhush (maybe sign some sort of contract). It's always good to discuss things that are relavent to current church events, but it can be very hurtful when a person is targeted and discussed in those groups and finds out about it. It can build resentment, anger, and fear of being falsly judged by unknown individuals, and can scandalize that person, and harden their heart to/build suspicion for things like "men's groups".