Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tridentine Mass

In the July 5 issue of The Catholic Spirit, there was an article about the Pope discussing His decision to allow greater use of the Tridentine (Latin) Mass.

Two months ago, I attended the Latin Mass celebrated at the Historic Church.
I was brought up in the Latin Mass. As a choir boy, I sang the Mass in Latin every Sunday.

While I enjoyed the Latin Mass last April, and the memories it brought back, No Way would I want to go back to that form of Liturgy.

The Mass we celebrate today, I feel like a participant and more spiritually involved.
In the Latin Mass, I feel like I’m just following along. The congregation reads quietly the English equivalent to Latin. I admit there is more tradition in the Tridentine Mass.
The major drawback is no one is familiar with Latin anymore.


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I am still neutral on the whole Latin Mass thing. I think people can get extreme feelings both ways about it. However, I do think we are a lot more familiar with Latin than we think we are! Notice that Fr. has tried to bring more traditionality back to our Masses? Notice how we've been singing the Latin responses and songs more and more? Just as how things have gotten a bit out of hand with abuses in the liturgy by a slow boil, so too does the return to reverence need to be a gradual, evolving thing rather than a rip-the-bandaid-off approach. I went to a Mass in Guatemala once and even though my Spanish is shaky at best, I could follow along pretty well because the words were so similar to the Latin. What I mean is, if a lot of our liturgy were in Latin, it wouldn't matter where we worshipped, we could understand and follow along. Just a thought.

Serviam! said...

I personally love the fact that the Pope has relaxed the restriction on the Pre-Conciliar Mass. I also think it’s neat that you bring out the fact that people, while being able to prefer one over the other, can appreciate both forms of the rite.

I do hope (if at all possible) that we can have the Mass celebrated in this way on occasion (after all, the Polka Mass gets its day in the sun). I agree with laura the crazy mama that the Mass in our Parish is celebrated in a reverent manner.

I really doubt the Pre-Conciliar Mass will ever replace the current Novus Ordo Mass, nor should it. The two forms add to the depth of the Latin Rite and compliment each other in a beautiful way.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I was thinking about this some more and I thought about how Holy Water pointed out how he only feels participatory in the new Mass. Well, I would argue that it's so much harder to participate in prayer in the new Mass! With all of the movement of the extaordinary ministers, ushers, readers, sometimes goofy music (no offense to Joseph...HE does a fantastic job!), etc., I CAN try to pray the Mass but it is a lot more distracting. In the older form, there is such a focus on Christ and the beauty of the centrality of the Eucharist and sacrifice. I do agree that it won't replace the new, but maybe the wider use could enhance the new into what it was originally intended to be? Also, maybe the "old" could be better taught and understood in order to not be so intimidating to the newly initiated and the never-been-taught-properly folks? Just some more thoughts. Oh, and the "polka Mass" should stay OUT of the sun... hidden for good in the closet along with the ugly, old, nasty, orange themed, felt banners. But that's just me.