Monday, August 20, 2007

Concerns Over Rising College Costs

The Christian Post is running an article about the increasing concerns over the rising cost of College due to: increasing birth control costs. I’m serious:

College students face soaring costs of birth control pills when they return to
campus this fall.

For years, birth control pills were sold at discounted prices at colleges and universities with students paying around $3 to $10 for brand name prescription. This year, however, the price has jumped to as high as $50.

Providers fear this may lead female students to either stop using prescription birth control methods or use other less effective ones such as condoms or Plan B. The concern of conservative groups, meanwhile, remains the same. They say campuses are skipping out on offering young women the one sure method of protection.
Oh those tired old “conservative groups”, why can’t they just loosen up?

Another interesting and telling little blurp from the article was the author’s description of how Plan B works, or what I like to refer to as a “white-collar abortion”:
The two-pill package blocks a fertilized egg from attaching itself to a woman’s uterus, which leads to it being flushed from the body.
Flushed from the body? Since when do people “flush” something good from their body? I can only pray that the increased price is due to a decreased demand.

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