Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Tale of Two Hammers - Part 1 of 3

Christianity is currently under siege from two sides; a rising threat from Islam, and an increasingly militant form of atheism/paganism. This certainly isn’t the first time She has had to deal with this sort of thing, and I want to look back at a couple of notable instances where the People of God had to deal with such threats.

In both stories we find a defining event where a line is drawn and the opposing force is told that they may go no further. Both are situations where people rise above adversity with courage, action, and faith in God and fight against overwhelming odds to do what’s right.

The following two posts are about men who were shown to be solid and unyielding, delivering blows to their enemies in such a way that they will both forever carry the moniker “The Hammer”.

I’d also like to say from the start that though the two stories contain violent resistance toward the two groups, I’m not suggesting that we should today. Every age’s problems must be dealt with in a manner consistent with that age’s norms.

But in all ages, things like courage, fortitude, and sacrifice are needed. The field we fight on today may not be filled with weapons, soldiers, and bloodshed, but it is no less of a battlefield. Make no mistake of that.

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Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Yay! I love a good trilogy!