Friday, February 8, 2008

Inspirational Excerpt

One of the books recommended by Serviam! has been a great source of inspiration for me: "In Conversation with God," by Fr. Francis Fernandez. This is actually a series of volumes with readings for each day. I found this excerpt (which is actually taken from "Time to Believe," by A.G. Dorronsoro) within the reading for Ash Wednesday, in writing of Lent and our possible lukewarmness to it:

"...we should immediately refer it to this type of examination: 'I do not seem to have the ability to perservere: I am not close to Christ. I am not cheerful: I am not close to Christ. And Christ is saying: Come on! Turn around! Return to me with all your heart!'

It is time for each one of us to recognise that he is being urged on by Jesus Christ. Those of us who sometimes feel inclined to put off this decision should know that, now, the moment has come. Those of us who are pessimistic and who think there is no remedy for our defects should know that the moment has arrived. Lent is starting. Let us look on it as a time of change and hope."

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