Thursday, September 11, 2008

Optimism in Adversity Today

I have posted a few times about wisdom from Fr Francis Fernandez' In Conversation With God. From today's reflection (Vol. 4, pp 591-2) I take his own words (in quotes) and his citation from Cardinal Newman (The Biglietto Speech, May 12, 1879-- italicized). The theme is adversity and resiliency and the good that can come from it.

"In every situation we will always have open to us motives for being happy and optimistic, with the optimism born of faith and confident prayer." Christianity has too often been in what appeared at the time to be fatal danger for us now to be frightened by yet another such test.

We often sit around lamenting the "state of things" in the Church: rainbow sash Masses; unrepentant pro-abortion politicians; charismatic nonsense; kneeler-less parishes; devotion to unapproved apparitions; really bad "modern" music on Sundays; etc. Some of this is obvious personal preference, and some of it is out of fear that forces contrary to the orthodoxy are working to undermine our faith.

I'd by lying if I denied liking a good argument, but I also sincerely have those concerns.

Looking at Fr Fernandez's words, however, I am given a boost of confidence in the survival of the Church and Her theology. This doesn't mean that we should stop fighting-- to the contrary, keep fighting with the confidence that the Church will survive and be victorious as we come vigorously to Her defense.

Holy Mother, pray for us.

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