Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Very short primer on Fundamentalism

Wild baseless speculation;
I think that fundamentalism will define the 21st century. It will eclipse Post-modernism as the answer to modernism because people want definite answers and they don’t care if they are true or not. Plus fundamentalism is easy to understand so children and under educated adults can understand it; a very important consideration if one wants to conquer the world.

What is it?
Most simply understood fundamentalism is a reaction. It is a reaction to the secularization of culture which forces believers to intensify their piety. At its root it is driven by the fear of annihilation.

Why is it bad?
This is important so pay attention; Because it focuses on acts of piety over and above virtue. Believe me this is a bad thing. From Isaiah to Socrates to Benedict 16 there is agreement on the badness of this.

Is there Fundamentalism in the Catholic Church?
You’re darn tootin’. Every one of you Baltimore Catechism, V2 ruined the church, the Bishops are wrong, Latin Mass types are teetering on the edge of fundamentalism.

How can I avoid it?
Develop virtue over piety.


Simplex Vir said...

For someone who has been in the Catholic Church only since 2007 your perspective on Tradition in the Church (Latin Mass, Baltimore Chatechism, et al) has no basis at all. I think you should do a little mor studying frankly.

Also it is very common for folks that lean to a progressive influence to believe that they are much more enlighted, you must think this way based on your comment regarding "uneducated" people. Again you are sadly off base as most of the traditional Catholics are highly educated. They practice out of love for God not out of fear. Although we do have a healty fear of God.

Lastly, you prove your ignorance by suggesting traditionalist focus too much on piety. Piety is one of the gifts of the Holy Ghost (seven in all) it allows one to be attracted to reverence for God. It is a natural response to the practice of virtue to remain in a state of grace. Receiving grace will only further bolster your piety.

It is clear from your post that you have a clear agenda and discust for all thing traditional. Too bad because a large part of the Catholic Faith is Tradition.

You should really consider reading about the saints and fathers of the church. Then you may understand better.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I think that fundamentalism (as you define it) isn't good but that judging us "Baltimore Catechism, V2 ruined the church, the Bishops are wrong, Latin Mass types" is a little harsh...okay, it's a LOT harsh and I wonder what's at the root of your...anger in that regard?. I wouldn't call myself a "fundamentalist" (I picture a Bible thumping, condemning, sweating minister in a tent when I see that word).

I wonder if there's a fear of "fundamentalism" now as much as there is a fear of secularism. It's too bad we can't all find some sort of balance.

I know a whole bunch of people like you describe who reach out very virtuously to their fellow man, teach about piety by how they LIVE, gently and with much charity guide the lost sheep to Jesus, and are just really nice people who love their brothers and sisters (in their families and in Christ). Wow. I KNOW I don't have any power to "conquer the world" unless you mean to conquer worldliness, which is good, right? I just want to love as best as I can and help get all those around me (as well as myself!) to Heaven! If that makes me "childlike" or "under educated" or perceived as taking advantage of those who are (under educated or children)...then "guilty as charged"!
Besides: Piety is about worshiping the Lord at the Holy Spirit's "call" and the virtues (which one/kind are you referring to, exactly?) are about using God's gift of human reasoning to find a way to be closer to Him (simply put, you know...for the childlike and under educated).

I guess I just don't see how one is "better than" the other or how you mean to have me develop "virtue" over piety? I really want to know. I'm trying to understand. I teach from the Baltimore Catechism every day to the kids so it's important for me to get this right...if that's even possible.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

simplex, I don't think he's ignorant at all. To suggest that just plays into the fact that he thinks "people like you" are overly focused on "piety" ("piety"="you think you're so much holier than everyone else but don't act as holy as I think you should").

I also don't know that more studying up would help us find a more civil way to figure out how we can all just play nice. I think maybe we need to dig out our old Baltimore Catechism and start practicing our holy virtues.

OR, maybe we all just need a group hug.

Heh heh heh. I couldn't resist ;P