Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why Bother with the Facts?

The LA Times is running an article (House votes for ban on abortion subsidies) written by Kim Geiger which covers the passing of the Stupak amendment. The article contains the following paragraphs:
The compromise won immediate support from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which urged Catholics to "lend their full-throated support" to the Democrats' healthcare bill.

"The bishops' stamp of approval means that this bill is unambiguously pro-life and we will vigorously oppose those who suggest otherwise," the conference said in a statement Saturday.
A little concerned that the USCCB would give such a strong statement urging Catholics to lend not only thier support, but their "full-throated" support, I set out trying to find a source. And guess what - I did.

On the website for an organization named Catholics United, I found the source of the quotes above:
“Catholics across the political spectrum should lend their full-throated support to this legislation,” said Korzen. “The bishops' stamp of approval means that this bill is unambiguously pro-life, and we will vigorously oppose those who suggest otherwise.”
Who is the Korzen referenced above? Chris Korzen is the Executive Director of Catholic United, an organization with a history of working to undermine Catholic Social teachings - not promote them. Whether Ms. Geiger's poor journalism is due to ignorance or more sinister motives I have no idea, but to attribute the statement to the USCCB is misleading and damaging.

And with all due respect to our Bishops, the reason groups like this can make statements on your behalf is because when you do speak it's often not strong enough, not loud enough, or not timely enough.

And unlike the LA Times, I'll do more than give misleading quotes:

Catholics United Threatens Churches, Pastors Over Pro-Life Literature Drops
Catholics United targets Archbishop Naumann, defends Gov. Sebelius
Catholics United praises Sen. Snowe vote while U.S. bishops express concern

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Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I'm trying to alert people to the bishop's "approval" of the health care bills. It's one thing to say "we don't want abortion anywhere in the bill" and quite another to imply "abortion isn't in the let's all vote for it and if you don't, you must be a meanie who isn't really Catholic and doesn't listen to the bishops like good Catholics should!"