Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad - Absolute Genius!

Did you see the Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad? Absolute genius!

Groups jumping up and down screaming about CBS daring to run a pro-life add during the "Big Game" had people sitting there just waiting for it to be played.

And when it was, people got an ad that said nothing that would allow the pro-choice crowd to scream foul over or tear apart. But it didn't need to. After the unbelievable amount of attention given the story in the last week or so, everyone knew the punch-line - the game was already over. The message was delivered before commercial ever ran. A marvelous piece of misdirection.

It would have been great if at the end Mr. Tebow would have looked at the camera and gave it a little wink.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tim Staples is Coming - Nota Bene!

Calling Catholic Men!

Protecting Your Family from the
Problem of Pornography

Saturday February 6, 2010
St. Michael Catholic Church
St. Michael, MN

10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

*Mass will be celebrated before by Bishop Piche.*
Featuring world-renowned Catholic speaker
Tim Staples (from Catholic Answers)

Presentation to include:
How we got to this point in the U.S.
Effects of the porn culture on families and society
The proliferation of the internet
Computer security tips

Also available:
Saturday morning Mass at 8:00 AM
Eucharistic Adoration from 9:00 AM
Confession at 3:00 PMLearn how to defend your chastity & your family

This event is free. Rolls, juice and coffee provided from 9:00 AM. Donations are appreciated to defray costs. RSVP by email is requested but not required:

Email for more information, or call the St. Michael Catholic Church office 763-497-2745.