Friday, May 18, 2007

Music Over The Line @ Mass: Repost from 5/18/07

The Ghost wanted to rant about this again. Looking back, he couldn't add nothing to it to make it sound any better.

Let me just say it now: The Ghost is a stubborn bad sinner, with a habit to think (and sometimes talk) about others when he don't have the right. Needed to get that out of the way first off.

And, second he don't have anything against music or musicians. But, (yeah here comes the big "But-monkey")

But, does every Mass have to be a concert these days? Ghost is starting to think that our priests are just the opener. He don't mean to hurt feelings. He just wants to go to Mass and kneel, pray and yeah sing some. He don't need sultry Glorias and he don't need electric guitars. When Ghost is getting ready to take Communion, he's thinking of nails pounding into Jesus' hands and feet, and how Ghost's own sins put the Savior on the cross. It's getting tough for him to concentrate when rock music is blaring in his ears.

The Ghost don't want to see music disappear, he just wants to make sure the music is there to glorify God not the musicians.

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