Friday, May 11, 2007

No animals were harmed during the filming ...

Well to get things off to a “lively” start.

I of course have my own opinion, but I was wondering if I could get everyone's take on the following little video:

Now, is it a silly and sacrilegious abuse? Or is it a bunch of people who have a true understanding of what the Eucharist really is?

After all, in 2 Samuel 6:14-15 the Bible says:

"Then David, girt with a linen apron, came dancing before the LORD with abandon, as he and all the Israelites were bringing up the ark of the LORD with shouts of joy and to the sound of the horn."
While these verses were an obvious inspiration for the celebration in the video, the verse preceding them (which speaks of sacrificing an ox and fatling) was thankfully overlooked.

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