Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I’m so excited to be part of this blog!!!!!

I spent all weekend thinking about what to post on, and during church on Sunday an idea came to me.

Our Protestant brothers and sisters are so blessed to be able to sit through such amazing preaching on Sundays; wouldn’t it help to draw them into the church if we offered more great preaching ourselves?

Then it dawned on me that if we had the priest consecrate the bread during the week we wouldn’t have to sit/stand/kneel through it on the weekend. Of course we would all go to communion like we do now and receive the bread that was consecrated during the week (so it's not like we aren't getting communion), but that way the priest could spend more time preaching and we would have more time for praise and worship during the service!

Can you imagine how the Holy Spirit could work through this and draw us all together as one church?

One thing the catholic church today is lacking is the ability to be relevant in a non-catholic culture.


Anonymous said...

I hope this is one of those gag posts, where you just throw stuff out there to get a response. I suspect you're not Catholic, or posting so as not to appear Catholic (you succeeded).

Praise_Him said...

FWIW, I have been a catholic all my life. I'm not saying I'm the most devout catholic in the world, but I do go the church every Sunday. I love being catholic.

But you can't deny that as the protestant church's attendance grow, the catholic church's attendance isn't.

All I want to do is try to think of ways to fix the problem.

Serviam! said...

First off, let me say welcome to Praise_Him.

Second let me say, “Holy Cow, where did that come from?” Not sure how that one made it by the censors, but it walks awfully close to the “sorry-gonna-have-to-delete-it” line.

Nobody should be afraid to post their ideas; this blog is for sharing ideas, good ones or bad ones. But I guess you could say that some ideas are just “more” bad than others.

The Eucharist is the “source and summit” of our faith. While the Catholic Mass may not be as exciting as some protestant services, a true appreciation and understanding of the reality we enter during the sacrifice is enough to blow your mind and bring you to your knees (if not flat on your face).

The power is not in the music or singing or anything other than the Eucharist. With out it, we have nothing.

Again welcome to the blog, but please post with a little more caution in the future.

Deogratias said...

Thank you for posting, Praise_Him. I believe you are going to get many responses.

As to your post, here are a few things to consider.

First, I am not sure every protestant church has amazing preachers. I have been to many services in which I could have used toothpicks to keep my eyes open during their preaching.

Some of the most inspired preaching I have heard might seem dull to those who look for emotion. Good preaching should be able to engage the intellect, linking the word of God to the mind. Emotions fade away, but challenging the mind can lead to the conversion of the heart and will. The real story of drawing protestants to the Catholic faith will never be drama in homiletics, or upbeat praise and worship music, but having them understand the truth of the Mass. If our separated brothers and sisters could realize that they could consume the Body and the Blood of Jesus every day, we could not have big enough churches. But we fail in living out our Catholic faith outside of church, much less in our participation at Mass. If we lived the joy of our faith, and brought it to those who are separated from us, preaching would not be an issue.

Secondly, as to your issue with "catholic callisthenics", and the length of time the consecration takes, please consider what is really happening during these times. Why shouldn't we be kneeling when we enter into the heavenly worship of the Lamb? The angels and the saints humble themselves as an act of adoration during the sacrifice, so should't we? If the rubrics allowed it, I would be on my face, so profound is the mystery.

Lastly, the Catholic church can never be relevant to a culture that is of the world. The Church is His bride, and the culture of today will never accept this marriage. Have no sorrow for a world that is fading away! Take great joy in the faith that was handed down to you, pray for the conversion of sinners (like me), and know that Jesus Christ will make His Bride relevant in His own time!

Anonymous said...

With Serviam's post about the statistics on belief, I suppose you could be for real after all. Very sad...

But I'm still not convinced you're just not trying to intentionally pick a fight with Catholics. At any rate, whether you're Catholic or not, I suggest you sign up for RCIA next season and pay closer attention.