Sunday, July 8, 2007

Al Gore and Global Warming

Last night I was snapping our daily harvest of Green beans with my children and watching the show Outward Bound with Ron Shara on channel 11. At the conclusion I was ready to turn off the T.V. when Al Gore and many musical performers came on with a live concert to inform the world of the warming planet. Big fans of the Catholic Church like Madonna were there to promote worldwide awareness and reduction of greenhouse gas. Before shutting off the T.V. I listened to that guy from Titanic talk about the clear evidence of global warming and the fact that it is not debatable any longer. I also made it through Al Gore talking in circles and hoping to get some votes. As I turned the T.V. off I came to the conclusion that these individuals have some serious power. My children would have believed every word out of these "superstars" mouths. Are they speaking truth and why? Global Warming has become a big topic and I have really become interested in what is truly happening.

Being an avid outdoorsman, I am no treehugger. I love nature and believe as humans and Catholics we need to be good stewards of the land. We need to use animals properly and glorify God's creation in our interaction with them. I have never shot a deer without first kneeling and thanking God for the gift of deer for food. We need to take care of our planet and make sure our children can enjoy God's creation.

All of the above I believe is part of Catholic teaching and is sound advice for all nations. I see my buddy Al Gore taking this a step further. Al is part of a group of affluent individuals who not only use more energy than the average Joe but talk and act out of both sides of their mouths. They have found an issue to rally around and gain attention. Many of the these people, Bill Gates being a great example, give millions of dollars to promote sterilization and contraception to ease the burden on our earth. Third World countries are looked upon as burdens and not environmentally savvy. They are looked upon as strains on our food sources and thus causing more environmental damage with their needs to farm and expand. If we could only sterilize those darn natives who keep burning down the rain forest. I believe Al Gore was once quoted saying how no one should have more than two children. I think he said that before he went home for supper with his four children. If you have not yet heard.. drum roll.... this is also the guy who hired a lady to help him become an Alpha Male during his presidential run. Even better...he is thought by many to be the next recipient of the Noble Peace Prize for his work with Global Warming. I am sure all you agree his feats dwarf past winners like Mother Teresa. She managed to win the award with absolutely no alpha male training!

I guess the point to my rambling is that I have no clue what to think about Global Warming. I would appreciate anyone to enlighten me on the current Vatican Position. I might be totally wrong about Al Gore and if I am I please enlighten me. I am very curious to hear some different takes on Global warming and our role in taking care of this planet. Until then you might want to be like Al Gore and take a few less trips on your private leer jet and gain about 50 pounds of cellulose around your waist so you can turn your thermostat down this winter.


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Yes! I found a link to a bunch of posts that Thomas Peters ( a really cool blogger who calls himself "American Papist" and who has the bestist blog cover picture in the world of a cardinal making a funny face and gesture mugging for the cameras at the vatican!) anyway, if you go to
he has a lot of good links and info. It seems to me that the vatican doesn't necessarily have any opinion about it but that individual bishops and cardinals certainly DO based on the hype that the media lays before them and asks, "Oh my gosh, have you seen this? What do you have to say about this?", etc. until they're practically forced to agree like zombies.."Yes. Climate change bad. Very bad. We are bad for causing climate change." like everybody else in mainstream media land.
Well, that is my very poor excuse of a laylady's opinion on the whole thing. I ain't no tree hugger, neither...can you tell?

Anonymous said...

I run an Earth Day celebration at a Catholic Shrine, and found "An Inconvenient Truth" to be a wonderful evanglization tool during our event. I got a chuckle, too, out of the fact that Al uses laptops, jets and escalators throughout the film, but his message is still fact-based and his promotion of the cause is more than the wishy-washy "it doesn't affect me" attitude other movers and shakers, and the average joe, exhibit. The truth is: global warming is not a hypothesis, and we have a responsibility, religious or otherwise, to honor the resources we have. And I am proud of the Vatican for moving towards being carbon neutral. I think that action speaks to the Vatican's opinion (if not official) on global warming. -Treehugger Erin

Anonymous said...

This is a big issue, that is seemingly forced down our throats by the media. Everybody I know intuitively thinks its a lie. Which it is. Maybe humans causing death of plancton- maybe. Bottom line as most growers know- plants love CO2 and will turn it into oxygen. This Gore crap is about a international (read international!) tax and systems setup. But if your hammered by big brother satan day after day with 'computer models' and 'scientific data' from 'experts' it might be hard to believe it is an orchestrated sham which it is. Here in Canada we got David Suzuki geneticist, abortionist running around like some expert spouting the nonsense. Serious environmental problems WE DO have brought to us by the SAME people thats bringing us this nonsense include: -genetically modified corn used for fuel (I hope not food- oh well thats wishful thinking thanks jerks) is killing the bee population around the world- thats a biggie
-all the chemicals they are dumping everywhere
-nuclear reactor pcb's (and the radioactive by products)
-on and on
These pale in comparison with CO2. People are starving again in Africa as the famine begins brought to us by the same evil- what about them? City smog is due to a number of factors- suffice to say that it is more of a cleanliness problem than anything that hurts the earth. Oh man, when will we take care of each other and be good stuarts of the earth? So for the normal man, turn your lights off, don't dump chemicals were there not supposed to, don't eat or support companies that make garbage for food, and fight ethanol and genetically modified food/animals at every turn. Hell my friend in Texas has a corn field next to him that has the aids virus growing in it. This is why God will have to restore the earth one day- sorry if this is a downer-but Gore is a clowner. The World the flesh and the devil buddy. Jesus won and this is the final stanza.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Whoa, post something about "climate change" and watch the goofies come out of people! Heehee! I, for one, always try to be a good "stuart" of the Earth, because I'm good enough, smart enough and dogonnit, people like me!

P.S. Global warming IS a hypothesis. Sorry, Erin. And there is no such thing as "carbon neutral" except maybe if you're dead and long gone (dust) or not allowed to exist in the first place.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

... oh, and the silliness of saying " I got a chuckle, too, out of the fact that Al uses laptops, jets and escalators throughout the film, but his message is still fact-based and his promotion of the cause is more than the..." That's like saying, "I had to have a chuckle when I saw the lady smacking her kids around and talking about the love and mercy of God..." or "It really made me giggle when the president of the U.S. was having multiple affairs but he really sends a good message about family values and I really believe he means it..." Come on. Seriously. Any church or shrine that "celebrates" the sacraments of Earth Day and focuses undue attention to these things is one step away from becoming pagan (or is already there). Run, run screaming like you are running from a nuclear bomb or an El Nino induced hurricane.