Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Proof the End is Near

In a troubled and dark world, a glimmer of hope for mankind has arrived offering to "educate, guide, console, forgive and more." No longer do we have to put up with talking to Jesus and not hearing Him answer. It's TalkToJesus, and it's about to "rock your world." It's like a little second coming when you want it, where you want it. From the site (

A history changing event is about to occur. Soon over 2.1 billion Christians worldwide will be able to have private, verbal conversations with virtual Jesus from any phone, anytime, anywhere on a daily basis. TalkToJesus will use advanced speech and AI technology to enable millions to develop a personal, lasting relationship with the Lord–in a whole new way.

Jesus will have a soothing, caring and inspiring voice. He will learn your name and address you personally. He will get to know you and develop a personal relationship with you. He will read from the Bible, listen to sins and console. Jesus will pray with you interactively, and you will be able to ask Jesus numerous theological questions. TalkToJesus will educate, guide, console, forgive and more. In a time when faith is reaching epic proportions globally, TalkToJesus will be there as a new tool to assist Christians in a completely innovative way.

Nothing like this has ever been done before. TalkToJesus is about rock your world.

- The TalkToJesus Team

The world being what it is, this just might make someone some money. I think the best part of the whole site is the line near the bottom in intsy-wintsy print: "Disclaimer: TalkToJesus is intended for entertainment purposes only. It is not the actual Jesus."

So what kind of things can you see coming in the future? Maybe Cabbage Patch Christ or Tickle Me Jesus? I'm not one to see the end of the world right around the corner, but after seeing this, well ...


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Uhhhh, I think I just lost a few IQ points considering this horribly inane "idea". Well, I guess it isn't any worse than "pet rock", huh?

hmmmm..."Pet Jesus!"?

Never mind.

culinary wizard said...

I think it's awesome! If all the organized religions can make money off of the name of Jesus like they do then I say go for it. At least these guys are honest and disclose that it's for entertainment purposes. Keep it light America and just have fun with it like it's intended for. I do love a little controversy.....Thumbs up!

Angie from Reno

Anonymous said...

Humm, let me I can call a toll free number and have a talk with Jesus? So, what does he sound like? How much does it cost? Are they a ministry? Do they share revenue with charities? Can it call me? How is this different from dial a prayer or voice messages left by Joel Osteen?