Monday, August 27, 2007

Cure For Those Spiritually "Dry" Times

Feeling a little down in your spiritual life? Have a tough time living your Baptismal vows? Difficulties in prayer? Do you feel like God is just soooo far away? Is Jesus MIA in your life?

Well, chin up lad! An answer to the scourge of the "Dark Night" which has plagued the greatest of the Saints for the last 2000 years has been found. So, what is the answer?

Starting fighting dogs and get busted:

Michael Vick Says “Dog Fighting is a Terrible Thing” and he has found Jesus.

Michael Vick held a news conference today, August 27, 2007, after he officially pleaded guilty in court on dog fighting charges. In the news conference, he said he is sorry for all the things he has done and he takes full responsibility for his actions.

Vick told reporters that this incident has changed his life. He said he has found Jesus and is turning his life over to God.

Vick apologized to his teammates saying he was not honest and that he is ashamed. He also apologized to children saying, his actions were immature.

The judge in the case is considering whether to accept a plea deal that calls for a sentence of 12 to 18 months.

Oh, if Mother Teresa only knew.


fertlmertl said...

Hilarious! I needed a "lighter" blog to look at. Reading about too many children with incurable diseases, stressing about being an incompetent mother, wondering if I am as faithful as I really thought I was.....

Now I have "the answer" so I can just go to bed and stop worrying.

Thanks for that. :)

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I wonder how well he could get to know Jesus sitting in jail for five years or would he whine and cry and try to get his lawyers to reduce his sentence?
Heehee, funny, I always ask the kids (after they get caught doing something naughty), "Are you sorry because you really hurt her/him, or are you sorry you're being yelled at and got in trouble?".

If YOU have kids, I'd be willing to bet that you've said these EXACT words before (or thought them as your child fulfilled their punishment).

So, I guess if he's "found Jesus" we should pray that that's true and hope that means he really has turned over a new leaf and will never do anything like that again. That doesn't mean that he should get a lesser sentence than they would have given him had he been unrepentant. In my opinion, that's just cheating (dang lawyers and prosecuters, ugh!)!

The last time I went to confession, after I told Father my sins, I don't recall him saying something like "Oh! And I WAS going to give you four Our Fathers, but because you are really sorry, I will only give you one!

Anonymous said...

I like dogs, so I don't mind at all if Vick gets what he deserves. But, I still chafe at the thought that the country is outraged at what he did to dogs, but we're still debating the "morality" of doing worse to unborn children...