Friday, August 24, 2007

Response to: An Ecumenical Aspect to Islam

I just wanted to start a different post on this topic, but related nonetheless....

Serviam stated (correctly I think) that the confrontation between Islam and Christianity is "inevitable." However, he also asks whether Christians "would" stand up if threatened. I believe the correct question is whether Christians "will" stand up. The difference in these contexts: the threat is here; we are already under attack. Witness a few examples:

We of course are well aware of the physical attacks: USS Cole; embassies in East Africa; the Pentagon; the WTC (twice!); London busses; Madrid subway; etc. When a cartoonist offends the Muslim world, the chief response is based on threats of violence and very real rioting in France. Christians, especially Catholic priests, are targeted for harassment, kidnapping and execution.

Culturally in America: at the University of Michigan-Dearborn (and other institutions of higher liberal indoctrination), foot baths are being installed so Muslims can wash their feet, but Christmas music is not allowed (and I suspect a basin for holy water would be completely intolerable). The ACLU claims this apparent discrepancy is "complex." Seems pretty clear to me... When imams at the Minneapolis airport put on an outrageous show and get kicked off a plane and cry victim, I believe this is simply a ploy to grease the skids for future "action" (whatever that might be!).

In Shanksville, PA, the Flight 93 memorial was originally dubbed by its architectural desigers, Paul & Milena Murdoch, "The Crescent of Embrace." REALLY! (see the original artist rendering below-- the flags on the right were added to show the alleged Islamic references). Murdoch claimed it will be "...a gesture of healing and bonding." Apparently not to Tom Burnett, Sr. His son Tom Jr. led the counterattack on Flight 93 and probably saved hundreds of lives and the destruction of the White House or Capitol. Tom Sr. has publicly asked that his son's name NOT be on the memorial because of its Islamic references. I believe the name of the memorial has been changed to The Bowl and the red maples have been replaced by greenery, but it retains the main objectionable features and the National Park Service says it will proceed.

These "attacks" not not always violent, but always have the implicit threat of violence behind them. This makes them more insidious and, let's face it, clever because it plays to the Western world's modern day weaknesses and fecklessness. Europe is dying out, morally and physically. Muslims have been more than happy to resume the invasion of earlier millenia to fill the void.

Interestingly, a recent Catholic Answers Live broadcast featured review and commentary by Karl Keating on Hilaire Belloc. I'm no scholar on Belloc (or much else for that matter!), but I am interested enough to learn more (in my spare time!). I did find this quote from Belloc's "Europe and the Faith:"

"...there remains the historical truth: that this our European structure, built upon the noble foundations of classical antiquity, was formed through, exists by, is consonant to, and will stand only in the mold of, the Catholic Church. Europe will return to the Faith, or she will perish. The Faith is Europe. And Europe is the Faith."
Well, the rest of the West (read: America) will either learn the disastrous modern history of European Catholicism or be doomed to repeat it. And if American Christians allow this to happen, the "inevitable" confrontation will likely end up even more violent than we have experienced thus far.


Serviam! said...

While sitting in my hotel room in Thunder Bay, Ontario this past week, I watched most of a "documentary" titled, "Cities of Light: The Rise & Fall of Islamic Spain" on PBS (I think it was out of Detroit).

I was so mad near the end I had to shut it off. The bias and inaccuracies of the thing made me sick. “Life was beautiful while the Moslems controlled Spain (the southern 2/3) and once the barbaric Christians took it back over, the beauty was exchanged for hate, war, blood, ugliness, and oppression”. Who’d have known.

Not sure what drives people to make this stuff, but what worries me is that there are people who can't get enough of it.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Gag, cough, choke, sputter...a CRESCENT! I had NO idea that was happening! Oh my goodness, what would have happened if they planted those maples in the shape of...I don't about...a CROSS? We (all of the American people and everyone else in the world who had cable) would have heard the outrage and condemnation of the liberal media had something like that even been SUGGESTED. As it is, this is the first time I've ever heard of the memorial and any controversy surrounding it's design!

swissmiss said...

I had heard that Mr. Burnett didn't want his son's name on the memorial, but hadn't really seen a picture or heard more as to the reasons why. Like father, like son. Two men willing to make a stand. What an offense to the victims and their families to have a memorial that even hints at anything Islamic.

Anonymous said...

Muslims Against Sharia denounce the decision by the Indianapolis International Airport to install footbaths. The controversy will further alienate the non-Muslim population. Footbaths will be used as urinals, which will provoke tensions, and more importantly, installing religious ritualistic devices on public property clearly violates the separation of Church and State.

That's one small step for Islamists towards Islamization of the West, one giant leap for Americans towards Dhimmitude.