Tuesday, August 21, 2007

When She Bears Attack!

So this morning I had my shower cut short due to what sounded like a bear trashing the house. I get dressed and quickly dart out of the bathroom looking for the wife and kids all ready to be heroic. The sound was coming from our office so I made my way in there and saw something I'll never forget.

It wasn't a bear, it was Mrs. Serviam! going nuts and attacking the PC monitor with a crazed look I just can't describe! I jumped on her back, and after getting thrown off twice, was able to calm her down. After asking what would drive her to act in such a way, she pointed me to this:

Click Here

Apart from a few outbursts here and there, she is doing better.


Joshua 24:15 said...

Ha! The really great thing is, when I clicked on the link and went to the CNN site, the ad on the right hand side (for a laptop computer, I think) had a banner which read:
"Watch the Fur Fly"....

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

The commercial before the video was for the American Express Business Card and Niklaus always notices the chocolate company in that one!

Anyway, tell that bear-lady not to worry her furry, little back about that Hirshman person (I won't even think about gracing her with the title of "woman", she wouldn't like that anyhow probably). She is so ridiculous that no one with any brains at all could take her seriously. In fact, I find her lack of intelligence from spending too much time OUTside of the home to be beneath me to talk about anymore.