Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Golden Compass

I’ve wanted to post on this for close to a month, but just never got around to it. Thomas Peters over at American Papist had in interesting post a while back about the new movie starring Nicole Kidman called The Golden Compass. Below is the extended trailor for the movie. The post also points to story over at CathNews:

Nicole Kidman has denied that a new film she's making is anti-Catholic. The movie features an organisation known as "The Magisterium", which kidnaps children to remove their souls.

The Brisbane Times reports that Kidman told a US magazine that her Catholic faith affected her consideration of the script for the film, which is titled The Golden Compass.

The fantasy film is based on a novel by Philip Pullman called Northern Lights. It is already attracting attention in the US for avoiding much of the book's perceived anti-Catholic rhetoric.

Kidman said some of the religious elements were removed from the movie script.

Kidman told the magazine: "I was raised Catholic, the Catholic Church is part of my essence."

"I wouldn't be able to do this film if I thought it were at all anti-Catholic."

The Golden Compass is due for release in the US on 7 December.


Side Note:

I’ve been getting a few questions about where I’ve been lately, and why I haven’t posted. All can rest assured that I am still alive, am not experiencing a religious/emotional/relational trial, and am not having trouble with my computer or server.

I have been feverishly working on a project I need to finish. Every bit of free time I’ve had has been taken by it, and I can’t wait until it’s done! I’m hoping it won’t take more than another week, maybe sooner.


fertlmertl said...

Haven't read the books, haven't even read much about the books but the evil "Magesterium" had me curious so I did some quick searches and here is the result of one such search. My gut (and the trailer) tells me I would stay away from this guy and his books/movies/interviews. As for Nicole Kidman "Mrs. Coulter" in the movie, well, do we really need to comment on her commentary? Hollywood. Ug.

swissmiss said...

Nicole Kidman had a beautiful Catholic wedding (the second time around) but it appears that her Catholicism stops there.

Anonymous said...

I would say that Ms Kidman didn't bother reading or learning about the entire series before she signed on the dotted line and colleted her nice little multi-million dollar paycheck. How is she going to be able to explain the 3rd movie/book? If they "water it down", there won't be much of a movie. But considering that Pullman has been quoted as saying he always invisioned Kidman as Mrs Coultier, that doesn't say much for her.