Monday, September 10, 2007

It Was A Beautiful Day For A Festival!

Thank God for a wonderful day with perfect weather! It was so nice to see such big, consistent crowds all day long. I brought the kids up earlier in the day but they got pretty sick of the yellow jackets and we left after dropping a bunch of cash (Papa gives them money for the festival each year) on games and the cake walk. Butch couldn't be convinced to join in the festivities, so he bought us off with some cash and enjoyed the Vikings kid-free!

I thought the bible themes for the games this year was a super idea! I also loved the grandstand being on the end of the playing field instead of on the pavement. It was so nice to stretch out on the grass to listen to who won prizes instead of other years where we were crowded into chairs and fighting the yellow jackets over on the pavement.

I got to spend a few hours by myself filling out raffle tickets and socializing with some old high school buddies that I hadn't seen in a long time and other folks from around town.

We didn't come away with any BIG prizes this year, but we did get:
1. full stomachs from lots of mini-doughnuts and pretzels
2. about 10 dumdum suckers and tootsie rolls
3. sticky fingers and faces
4. the memory of Analise and Niklaus racing in the big, jumpy, slide thingy
5. a little dolly blanket and pillow that Mom bought for Mari
6. a slightly slimmer wallet
7. 3 holy card holders for the kid's desks (which, I assume, will turn into "my favorite pokemon card" holders)
8. a pro-life bumper sticker for "the bus"
9. this amazing picture that I paid a whole dollar for:

(Personally, I think Serviam! is a lot prettier here than a lot of the actual nuns that I've known. I wonder if he missed his calling?)

Ah, yes... God is Good and all is right with the world tonight!

I'm thinking that I need to raffle this picture off to the highest bidder and donate the funds to the "dimes for chimes" bell tower fund...any bidders?


Serviam! said...

Oh, so that's where that ended up! I just grilled the wife and kids and they sang like birds. I know it all. Et tu Mrs. Serviam!?

I think this would be a great time to throw out a wee little reminder for all involved:

St. Michael's - 3:45 Saturday
St. Albert's - 3:00 Saturday
Mary Queen of Peace - 3:30-4:30 Sat

But man, .... apart from my incredibly large head, I do make a pretty foxy nun.

Joshua 24:15 said...

Ugh! I don't think Aquinas ever did this.....