Friday, December 7, 2007

CDF Document - Evangelization and Catechesis

CNA is reporting that the CDF (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) is preparing to "release an important document on evangelization and catechesis." It also says that this document may be released during Advent.

From the report:
The intention of the document, according to the source, is “to bring back the centrality of Jesus to the programs aimed at transmitting the faith to future generations, since several of these programs are centered on feelings or confused ideas about the teachings of the Church on the nature of Jesus.”
What "programs" are they talking about?


Germanicus said...

What programs?
I teach 7th grade RE and have mixed feelings on the teaching material. I personally supplement extensively with CCC, church fathers and Baltimore. But I wonder if that is because I am not a teacher. I think the curriculum is good if you have training as a classroom teacher. The resources offer many activities and opportunities to engage the children in the learning process. I do not do this as I found they distracted from the lesson. So, perhaps the real reason I avoid activities is because that is not my teaching “voice”. Since I am not a professional I really have little choice than to go with what works for me naturally. I tried the engaging teacher bit and it went poorly so I lecture.
All that aside the curriculum used at St Michael is not that bad. It is a little sentimental and soft lacking theological depth. I supplemented the lesson on the incarnation with additional information on Mary because I thought her role in redemption was minimized to an alarming degree. Though the term hypostatic union is not used the concept of Jesus becoming fully human and fully God at the incarnation is and perhaps that is better in some respects. The children need to understand what the term means though ideally they ought to learn both term and meaning. I use the curriculum as a guide and create my own lessons. As a result we are way behind. We are spending 3 weeks on prayer and will take the 19th to go over Spe Salvi. I think the kids need to know stuff like that.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Sheesh, one would think, after ALL these years, that we could come up with an RE program that works. I think that, number one, we should segregate our classes. I was so distracted in the middle school and high school years by the boys, that I don't remember a THING about what we "learned". I like the idea of "Theology 101" but think that if it's good for some, it should be good for all.