Monday, December 3, 2007

Speaking of Islam ...

I just heard that Dr. Terry Nichols, Professor of Theology and Department of Theology Chair at St. Thomas University, will be speaking on Islam this coming February for the men of our, and a neighboring Parish.

To better focus his talk, Dr. Nichols has asked for questions.

If you could ask him any question about Islam, what would it be?


Germanicus said...

In Deus Caritas Est Pope Benedict expounded on the fundamental relationship between God and humanity. He defined this love as the thing that gives our life “decisive direction.”
For Christians the love of God gives us meaning and allows us to relate to God in a personal way and to neighbor in a self giving way.

Given the same theme of how God relates to humanity. How would Islam respond?
Allah is ____________________?

What does that mean? What are the theological and social implications of the response?

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Why don't we ever really hear any correction from the clerics of Islam when there are unreasonable "Sharia law"-type punishments doled out to people who have not deserved them?
What do you think the breakdown (percentage?) is of "moderate", "extreme", "fallen-away/secular" Moslims around the world-or even in our own country.

Joshua 24:15 said...

How did Islam begin?

Who (historically) was Mohammed?

What are the similarities between Islam and Christianity?

What role does the Koran play in their theology? And what role does it play in their modern day behaviors?