Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Family That Truly Deserves Some Good News

Several weeks ago I learned that a friend of mine, the young man (now in seminary) whose example finally got me to join RCIA and enter the Church, had found some lumps in his lymph nodes. The scary part of this situation was, he had previously won two fights against an aggressive cancer of the lymph nodes. So, not yet 30 years old he and his family faced the prospect of another difficult road ahead.

As late as Sunday morning his mother indicated that several nodes had been removed and the doctors led them to believe that it was all but certain to be a recurrence of cancer. They began to discuss treatment options. The final verdict would be on Monday.

I found out Monday evening that in fact the tumors are benign, with no sign of cancer at all!

I offer a prayer of thanksgiving for this good news. Praise be to God!

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