Monday, May 19, 2008

A Great Resource

I thought I’d pass along a resource I ran across not so long ago. The Catholic Information Service (CIS) is a program the Knights of Columbus started in 1948 to “provide free Catholic publications for parishes, schools, retreat houses, military installations, correctional facilities, legislatures, the medical community, and for individuals who request them.”

One of these publications is the Luke E. Hart Series. This is a series of 30 booklets written by Peter Kreeft that “provides a systematic introduction to the Catechism of the Catholic Church … offering an explanation in everyday language of each area of Catholic belief and practice.”

The series is grouped into 3 sections: What Catholics Believe, How Catholics Worship, and How Catholics Live. Each section contains 10 booklets/lessons on topics relating to the section. Here is a list of the topics.

What Catholics Believe
- Faith
- God
- Creation
- The Human Person
- Jesus Christ
- The Holy Spirit
- The Holy Catholic Church
- The Forgiveness of Sins
- The Resurrection of the Body
- The Life Everlasting

How Catholics Worship
- Introduction to Catholic Liturgy
- Introduction to the Sacraments
- Baptism and Confirmation
- The Eucharist
- Penance
- Matrimony
- Holy Orders & Anointing of the Sick
- Prayer
- The Lord's Prayer
- Mary

How Catholics Live
- The Essence of Catholic Morality
- Human Nature as the Basis of Morality
- Some Fundamental Principles of Catholic Morality
- Virtues and Vices
- The First Three Commandments
- The Fourth Commandment
- The Fifth Commandment
- The Seventh & Tenth Commandments
- The Eighth Commandment

Each lesson is available in a PDF format that can be read on your computer or easily printed, and is also available in an mp3 format that allows you to listen to it on your computer or download it to an mp3 player. The booklets can also be ordered for the cost of postage (50 cents) if you prefer.

I’ve been quite impressed with the topics I’ve had a chance to work through. Typical Peter Kreeft (one of my favorites) writing – understandable, interesting, witty, and orthodox. They're a great free Catholic resource. There are man other resources on the site, and more are being added regularly.

When you get a chance go to the site and check it out!

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