Friday, May 30, 2008

Stations of the Cross "Updated" for WYD

Story from the CathNews site:

In a bid to ensure the World Youth Day Stations of the Cross will not incite anti-Semitic feelings and appeal to all Christians, organisers have dropped six traditional stations which have no scriptural foundation.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports the Church has changed one of its most popular devotions and a landmark event of World Youth Day to take account of the sensitivities of Jews and draw other Christian denominations into its youth celebrations.

In the Catholic tradition the Stations of the Cross, the depiction of the final hours of Jesus Christ, features 14 scenes including the fall of Jesus three times, but only eight stations have scriptural foundation.

To make the event more appealing to all Christians, a Vatican approved scriptural version, founded entirely on passages from the New Testament, will be adopted when it is staged in the streets of Sydney on July 18.

It is not the only concession the Church is willing to make in the name of interfaith unity: scriptural texts, reflections and video commentaries will be carefully worked so that the scene at the Sydney Opera House in which Jesus is condemned does not incite anti-Semitic feeling.

So if six of the "traditional" stations have "no scriptural foundation", which are they? I assume they are including (though on a few I'd disagree):

2 - Jesus is Made to Bear His Cross
3 - Jesus Falls for the First Time
4 - Jesus Meets His Mother
6 - Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus
7 - Jesus Falls a Second Time
9 - Jesus Falls the Third Time

Leaving the following eight "scripturally based" stations:

1 - Jesus is Condemned to Death
5 - Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross
8 - Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem
10- Jesus is Stripped of His Garments
11- Jesus is Nailed to the Cross
12- Jesus Dies on the Cross
13- Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross
14- Jesus is Laid in His Tomb

Sigh. I hope they're careful not to offend any Romans.

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J. Thorp said...

That pic is perfect, Serviam! Interfaith understanding is one thing -- but this is silly to me.

Unfortunately, it's easier to be offended by something than to understand the roots or nuance of anything ...

This is not to say that I understand the roots or nuance of the "non-scriptural" stations -- the truth is, the thought they might offend people (or at least, offend people who weren't already offended by Catholicism) hadn't crossed my mind.