Monday, June 2, 2008

Buddy Christ

I used an image on a previous post of “Buddy Christ” that I’ve received a few comments (blog, email, in person) on. The image is from a movie that’s so offensive and blasphemous that I’m not going to give the name (not like figuring it out would be tough). There seems to be quite the market for Buddy Christ merchandise.

And though I’m sure I’ll need some form of absolution for it, I can’t resist including a clip from the movie involving the story behind “Buddy Christ” to illustrate an important point.

Trying to be relevant can quickly lead to being ridiculous if not done properly, with the right intentions, and in areas we have any business trying to be relevant in. Think of your grandma coming over wearing her favorite pair of phat pants or hip-huggers ... For those still in front of your computer reading, here’s the clip (nothing any more offensive than the phrase "What the Pfleger" in the clip):

A Catholicism WOW! campaign - a "renewal of both faith and of style". Ouch.

For example, the crucifix. While it has been a time honored symbol of our faith, Holy Mother Church has decided to retire this highly recognizable, yet wholly depressing image of our Lord crucified. Christ didn't come to Earth to give us the willies... He came to help us out. He was a booster. And it is with that take on our Lord in mind that we've come up with a new, more inspiring sigil. So it is with great pleasure that I present you with the first of many revamps the "Catholicism WOW! " campaign will unveil over the next year.

The reasoning is obviously ridiculous, yet is still seems somewhat familiar.