Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Beijing Olympiad: It Was Well, Executed

There have been a lot of giddy reports of the Chinese "coming out party" that was the just-finished Olympiad. It was their turn to shine and show the world that they could double their medal count while hosting a great olympic games. Makes sense-- they have after all, four times the population of the United States. It would appear that they were successful.

Oh, nevermind the treatment of the "ugly duckling" who officials substituted with a "cuter" little girl to Milli-Vanilli it during the opening. Here's the real singer, who deserves to be seen as well as heard:

This type of action seems pretty harsh, until you consider that China has a "One Child Policy," in which abortions are forced under a variety of circumstances. This story from NPR (hardly a pro-life forum, mind you...) is a good example of this inhumane tragedy:

We might never know how many abortions would be voluntary if China didn't force them. Unless that is, you take the number of voluntary abortions in the United States and multiply by four....

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