Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not All Nancy's Fault??

A proposal: Nancy Pelosi's comments on "Meet the Press" (link below, please watch it) which led to widespread response by many American bishops, is not all her fault. Let's say it's 50% her fault.

Corollary: The other 50% belongs to individuals other than Pelosi. This is based on considering the reasons she would feel confident going on a national (international?) television show on the eve of the DNC and attempt to rewrite Church doctrine, even as Tom Brokaw responds with some skepticism himself.

Let's take a look: Pelosi has apparently held her pro-abortion views for a long time. She's been "on the scene" for a while, too. She and her husband have five children so it would a stretch to say she hadn't accepted God's gift of life herself. So she was sitting pretty-- House Leader, pushing her socialist agenda, clearly pro-abortion with no apparent fear of rebuke. Then, she completely stirs the hive and has now earned the response of those bishops, and potentially even denial of Communion sometime in the future.

The only explanation that I have come to thus far, is that she had never been publicly and strongly challenged by Church leaders in San Francisco. Of course that means her parish priest and the archbishop of San Francisco. It's obvious that, as with many such pro-abortion politicians, the debate goes on about how to handle them.

But, the logic is still unavoidable: left uncorrected, these issues will inevitably grow in destructive magnitude, either simply because a particular politician will derail more and more faith journeys over time; or like Pelosi, their self-importance will lead them to create their own doctrine to justify their radical, wrongheaded agenda.

Let's pray that Archbishop Niederauer can make headway in addressing Pelosi's radical actions, and in preventing future similar damage to the faithful's understanding of true Church doctrine. He now owns that half.

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