Monday, October 27, 2008

Let's Take a Trip

A few weeks ago a friend handed me a flyer he had picked up. I’m sure many of you have seen the flyer or one like it. It was titled “American War Casualties” and listed the deaths from our nation’s major wars/conflicts and those due to abortion after 1973. I started to think about how I could present the information in other ways that would help drive the point home. And after thinking it over and doing a little work, here is what I came up with.

To get a better feel for the real loss of life in these wars (considering abortion a war on the unborn) let’s look at it from an aspect all of us are familiar with: travel. Let’s begin on the front steps of my home in St. Michael and travel roughly 50 feet for each death. Let’s jump in my car and get started.

The number of dead for the Iraq War is listed at 4,140. This would get us onto 19 (what a mess) through Albertville to 94. Traveling west on 94, and traveling only 50 feet for each death remember, we would end up near the Highway 23 exit by St. Cloud (39.2 miles). Let’s keep traveling west on 94 because the Revolutionary war’s death toll is listed at 4,435 and we can cover that by continuing on to the city of St. Joseph (40 miles).

For our next few let’s start again at my house and travel south. Now we’ll look at the Korean War in which 36,574 Americans lost their lives. At 50 feet per death, we can drive down 35W and get all the way to Dubuque Iowa (346.3 miles). Next is Vietnam with 58,209 dead which will get us sadly all the way to Topeka Kansas (551.2 miles). After Vietnam, we have the first Word War. We lost 116,516 in that war which is enough to get us all the way from my house down to Austin Texas (1103.4 miles).

Unfortunately, the next couple will require us to drive to the airport and catch a flight. WWII saw the death of a chilling 405,399 Americans. At 50 feet per death, including the drive to the airport, we would end up touching down in Dublin Ireland (3839 miles). And if we look at the deaths in the Civil War, 558,052, amazingly we don’t touch down until we reach Bucharest Romania (5284.6 miles).

Well we really only have one war left, the war on the unborn through legalized abortion. When we take the number of legal abortions since 1973 and try to travel 50 feet per death, tragically we’ll need something with a little more lift. Traveling 50 feet per child murdered, we travel quite a bit past Ireland and Bucharest. In fact, we would travel all the way to the moon … and back again and would be starting to turn for another trip (468,976.8 miles).

49,523,945 children murdered and counting is almost beyond belief.

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J. Thorp said...

Well done, Serviam.