Friday, October 10, 2008

Ridiculous or brilliant!

The WSJ ran an article today describing how the Swiss government is requiring agricultural researchers to demonstrate how their protocols assure the dignity of plants are safeguarded. The law maintains that It's wrong to genetically alter a plant and render it sterile. Some members of the Swiss panel confided that they believe plants may be sentient while all members agreed that mammals were certainly sentient. I mention this because sentience is the criteria which the panel used to justify their decision. Sentience implies purpose and purpose implies meaning. Based on this the panel concluded that plants “attempt in their own way to maintain or even increase their own good”
The statement on animals is more definite. Using Albert Schweitzer’s “Veneration of life” argument the panel concludes that every living thing that exists is accorded a moral value.
Last month Ecuador amended their constitution to “recognize ecosystem rights enforceable in a court of law. Thus, the nation's rivers, forests and air are no longer mere property, but right-bearing entities with "the right to exist, persist and...regenerate."
I find both these arguments compelling because both the Swiss and the Ecuadorian policies are secular as far as I can tell. This is an important consideration because it seems as though a paradigm has been created that if taken to its logical end would force the end of both abortion and contraception as unethical and a gross violation of the living being inside the womb; one which interferes with that beings attempt to increase their own good. What should be compelling is that this position has been arrived at through reason alone.


Joshua 24:15 said...

First, yes this is ridiculous. And unfortunately, far from becoming a philosophical pathway to ending abortion, it's just another way to de-value human life. If the available evidence about the "humanness" of children in the womb, and the genetic reality that a new human is created at conception, is not enough to sway by reason, I don't think the surreal absurdity described in this article is going to do it either. Europe fiddles while Christianity burns...

Germanicus said...

C’mon Josh,
It’s a victory when the pro-death camp is forced, by their own arguments, to stuff their philosophical hands in their pockets, look down and kick a stone while mumbling “maybe you have a point but were still going to stick with the whole abortion thing anyway.” It forces to them to re-tool their worldview once again in order to justify an unjustifiable position and they can’t! This is exactly what Obama was forced to do and he looked foolish. It will cause someone to reconsider what they support.
Fr Pavone is doing something like this with the “is this what you mean” tour of Washington.” He is unveiling abortion for what it is and asking politicians if that is what they support.
The Eco-Swiss can not have it both ways if all life has value and every being the right to pursue its own good, then it must be true that this applies to a baby in the womb. If not then their argument will not stand and the wheat fields will be full of over-zealous researchers eager to violate the dignity of grain. Someone who is more European than I should tell them.

What time in the morning did you post this cause you sound kind of grouchy?

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I don't have much hope that they will follow this conclusion "logically" to come to realize the actual humanity or the value of that humanity pre-born. Here's why I think that:

You wrote:
"...This is exactly what Obama was forced to do and he looked foolish."
Well, he did indeed look foolish and yet, he has millions of people out there who think he's the One...the new messiah...the next best thing since sliced bread. Right is wrong and wrong is right. They are making up their own reality/morality as they go along.
Or, maybe I'm just cranky too.