Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Mary"?-- Quite Contrary!

I came across a news items recently (well, news to me anyway) describing the excommunication of something called the Army of Mary, and its followers. Apparently, the movement began with the news that a woman was receiving visions from the Blessed Virgin, who began to give the seer messages and instructions; later, this new "revelation" turned into a belief that Mary herself had, in the words of one of the followers, "taken possession of her soul." And of course there were other mysterious (and anti-Magesterial) demands. For years the Vatican had warned them of their heretical beliefs, and eventually had to take the step of excommunication. You can read a few of the accounts yourself, linked below.

This is very sad, that a seemingly orthodox belief-- one that is initially within the tenets of the Faith, insofar as private revelation is perfectly acceptable-- can be turned into a defiant, heretical cult. We should pray for these men and women, that they can see the error of their ways, renounce the heresy and return to full communion with the Church. And, pray that an extreme faux Marian following-- originating in the alleged visions of seers who give out all sorts of dire predictions and demands of the Church, which refuses to accept the authority of the Magesterium-- never blemishes the bucolic theological countryside of St. Michael, Minnesota...

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