Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Salt, Not Healing

Please check out this front page article from "The Catholic Spirit," our archdiocesan paper.

Where does this stuff come from, where do we get derailed? Never mind the slanted, hearsay narrative. Germanicus' post on fundamentalism notwithstanding, the Church's teaching on abortion and the corollary of not participating in an intrinsic evil via the vote, is pretty clear even for a dumb country boy like me.

Why must all this false talk about "healing divisions" always, always, always mean the radical left foists another point of their liberal agenda on the rest of us. Well, I say "the rest of us" but with 55% of the country's Catholics voting pro-death I guess I'm in the minority now.

The paper promises a wrap up of the elections in their Nov 13 edition. Can't wait.

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