Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cross-Posting on Priests, Kids, and Vocations

Nothing too profound here: Just my thinking since last weekend on priests, aspiring priests, and one good priest in particular. As for me and my house, we're gonna miss him.

Sorry to keep cross-pollinating blogs, folks. Can't find time enough to write multiple posts for multiple sites right now!


Rich B said...

you are too right--great priests. One in particular who has termendious gifts. They mean so much to us and are so important in our lives. They are our spiritual coaches. Our mentors. We love them and admire them.

It is hard sometimes not to mix up a great priest with the Church. Our priests are ordained ministers, not ordained saints. They are human with their own challenges and flaws. We need to love them and support them even if they are less then we hoped they would be. They act in Persona Christi. Despite their flaws.

One of the smart reasons for rotating them periodically. I believe that is one of the challenges with our Christian brothers. They follow a specific pastor and his or her teachings, not necessarily a univeral faith.

Non-the-less, the loss is painful.

God Bless, and may God Bless and keep all his servants.


Joshua 24:15 said...

Thanks Thorp. Father Michael is good for this parish, and will be good for young men in priestly formation, too!