Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Renewed Easter Pledge

St. Michael welcomed 18 new members into the Church last night at the Easter Vigil, including six catechumens, praise God. And yes, all six went full immersion.

I assume most of these new Catholics will be part of our parish, but of course you're never sure how many will move or have come from another location. But, I continue to be amazed at the number of RCIA candidates we get each year.

I entered the Church three years ago, and last night during the Vigil as I looked around I noted how many great friends I've made in our parish. They were everywhere. I even got to talk to a
seminarian who was integral into my decision to finally "take the plunge" into RCIA; and I saw a friend who moved to Montana a couple of years ago, and happened to stop by just before the Vigil to connect with some of us.

Realizing the gifts I've received from the Church (a second chance at salvation, leadership of my family's faith life, role models in faith, to name a few), I am more determined than ever to help protect our precious faith. I might occasionally fail, and I might occasionally fall.

But I will never quit.

A blessed Easter to you.

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