Wednesday, April 8, 2009

School of Hard Knox?

The hits just keep on coming, as the saying goes...

In the midst of a whole heap of hope and change, we've seen a glimpse into the future. From the destruction of more innocent life... the effort to force American doctors to perform abortions, or refer women to abortion clinics, against their conscience...

...we now get a look at how the Church will likely be treated from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, for at least the next three years. Harry Knox, a long time gay (not the happy kind) activist is a newly appointed member of President Obama's Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. It's safe to say that Knox is not a fan of the Church, the Holy Father, or apparently the Knights of Columbus... short, just the kind of guy you want heading a group that appears to be tasked with "advising" the Commander in Chief on faith, or neighborhoods, or... uh, well whatever it means to be on the ACFBNP.

To be honest, in the reading the Bay Area Reporter story in which Knox's comments are briefly quoted, I was heartened that the BAR decried the support the Church provided for California Proposition 8 which verifies marriage between opposite-sex partners only. We heard a lot about the Mormons supporting Prop 8 and not as much about Catholics doing so. This was a pleasant surprise for me.

What has been an unpleasant unsurprise, is the moral direction our new leadership is attempting to take our country. As Catholics begin to blink awake and wonder what they truly wrought in November, let's pray they get serious and earn their Hard Knocks diploma.

The "army of oppression" needs them!

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