Monday, May 25, 2009

Pray For America This Memorial Day

Remembering today the American soldiers who lost their lives fighting for us. Examples of combat deaths include:

American Revolution... 8,000
U.S. Civil War (Union)... 140,000
World War I... 53,000
World War II... 290,000
Korean War... 31,000
Vietnam War... 47,000
Gulf War... 148
Iraq/Afghanistan... 4,200

Without debating the just cause of any particular conflict, it is unmistakable that America has been blessed by wise founders and Providential success, and we remain humanity's best hope of democracy and freedom.

But, we have our problems. We are still wrestling with the aftermath of legalized human slavery, even after a civil war which claimed over 200,000 lives including a President. Those wounds in fact are not healed, and the scab is continuously scraped off thanks to a dysfunctional welfare state that has destroyed the Black family unit in America. It is obscene.

And, there is abortion.

Abortion (1973-present)... 50,000,000

Since Roe v Wade, the number of abortion deaths in the U.S. is nearly 90 times the number of wartime deaths cited above, and within the next decade it will top 100 X. According to the Guttmacher Institute (an arm of Planned Parenthood and thus no friend of the fetus), 22% of all pregancies in the U.S. end in abortion. This is horrific and disheartening.

I will tout the greatness of America with the slightest provocation. But, we are squandering this capital as we turn away from God and the Church. In a recent video publication, Father John Corapi asserts that America will "get nothing right" unless and until we eradicate abortion. I believe he is correct.

God, bless America.

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Some people are trying, really hard, to fight the culture of death in our society: