Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Catholic Men

I honestly believe that for men to live as true men, they must either be waging war or preparing for it - for sake of God, family, or country. How a Catholic man should conduct himself has certainly gone through different stages over the last 20 centuries; from the hermit, to the knight, to the modern day "get-together-and-tearfully-bear-my-soul-with-strangers" man.

Without a clear concept of what real manliness is today many men are eager to wage war, but only as an avatar in the distant land of Azeroth (WoW) or in some other digital online gaming world doing battle against a make believe foe. These men sink ridiculous numbers of hours every week into fleeing from the real battles of this world and engaging in the safe and meaningless battles of online gaming.

They have been effectively emasculated and neutralized through their decision to spend their free time fighting fantasy orcs, trolls, and dwarves while the real evil of this world is left unchecked. People can and do enjoy these games in moderation, but the games today are designed more and more to make this the exception and not the rule. More about this in a later post.

So then what is the ideal of Catholic Manhood? What does rightly ordered masculinity look like, and where have all the "good men" gone?

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